Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Your right to privacy and confidentially is very vital to us at Options Health Services. We will not collect your information or contact others seeking your personal information without your written and signed authorisation. A consent document will be signed at the same time as a Service Agreement between you and/or your representative and Options Health. Please contact us if you wish to obtain a copy of our privacy policy.

How we will uphold your privacy

Any information relating to you will be obtained only by written consent, and a list of the types of services to be contacted will be listed in the consent form.

What information will be collected

Only information relating to the support you receive from Options Health as outlined in your service agreement will be collected. If information is offered by others that does not relate to the work we are undertaking together, this offer will be denied in the interest of upholding your right to privacy and confidentially

Options Health will only collect your information;

  • If you or your representative give us a prior approval
  • If we are meeting those that represents you or those identified by you
  • Face to face meetings
  • Phone interviews
  • Current or previously written reports from other healthcare providers or professionals,
    either given to Options Health by you and/or Guardian or by making contact with permission
    with professionals to obtain the reports.

How this information will be stored

All information gathered and held by Options Health will be kept on hard drives and on a secure case management system that uses cloud authenticator and password security. We take seriously your right to privacy and we will ensure that any hard copies of information relating to you is kept to a minimum. In other words, we won’t be leaving your personal information around for others to see.